Let's talk about CBD for a moment...


CBD, short for cannabidiol—is one of many cannabis compounds known as a cannabinoid.

While CBD can be found in both The Marijuana AND the Hemp Plant – CBD by ITSELF is non-intoxicating – Meaning you will not feel high or stoned. Interstingly, CBD can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC in some cases.

CBD is a very promising Natural Support and has great potential as a treatment for a wide range of challenges including: inflammationpainanxiety, insomnia, psychosisseizures, spasms, arthritisdiabetesalcoholismMSchronic painschizophreniaPTSDdepressionantibiotic-resistant infectionsepilepsy, other neurological disorders and other conditions.

Furthermore, CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being researched at several academic centers in the United States and elsewhere.

Why does Melior Botanicals include CBD in Beauty Products?

CDB is extremely good at cell regeneration. It works by increasing the circulation and blood flow and decreasing inflammation. In the serums, CBD regulates the sebaceous glands to treat the over or underproducing glands and pores clearing up both Acne and dry skin alike. The increased blood flow supports the Alopecia Follicles to make sure they are nourished enough to support hair growth, therefore resulting in growing longer and thicker hair. The same circulation and regenerating principles keeps the cuticles smooth and nails stronger.

Why should we use oils in our Skin?

It may seem counter intuitive to rub oils into your hair, on your face a into your nails, but actually its quite natural following the basic premise of like attracts like. Everyone naturally produces oils, called Sebum, that excretes from the skin. Using oils will attract the natural oils in your body and balance them out, detoxify and aid in moisturizing without any yucky and pore clogging chemicals. We specifically choose a blend of oils that are low/no comedogenic and wont clog the pores. And in fact, these blends will help regulate and detoxify the sebaceous glands to help with over active and underactive natural oil production, therefore treating all skin types, oily, dry and mixed.

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